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Elaborée le 11/06/2005 par cyb

J’ai trouvé ça quelque part, perdu sur le net, et je dois dire que ça m’a frappé car cette théorie est vraiment bien pensée et surtout, elle permettrait le retour de William Mapother. ..

" It’s been hinted that the "twins" on the Others’ boat has some significance for Season 2. In considering the "twins" hint, I was drawn back to an earlier entry that discussed Ethan Rom’s name involving anagrams, Gypsies and Roman Mythology :

[1] Ethan Rom is an anagram for Other Man = Man of the Others.

[2] Rom is a possible reference to the Gypsies. "Rom" means "man" or "husband" in the Romany language.

An excerpt of the history of the Rom. [source : Wikipedia]

Because of their nomadic lifestyle, there has always been a great deal of mutual distrust between the Roma and their more settled neighbours. They were, and frequently still are, popularly believed to be beggars, thieves and kidnappers, unfit for sedentary labour, resulting in a great deal of persecution.

[3] I was also struck by the myth of Romulus, founder of Rome.

An excerpt of the Story of Romulus (Romulus & Remus). [source : Wikipedia]

Romulus attracted a population to his city (Rome) by inviting exiles, refugees, murderers, criminals and runaway slaves, a population that extended the infant city to settle four of the seven hills of Rome : the Capitoline, Aventine, Caelian and Quirinal. The outlaw squatters acquired women and matrilineal respectability by inviting the Sabine men to the festival of Consualia. While the men were occupied, the Romans stole the women, the theme of the Rape of the Sabine Women. Marriage by abduction remained a Latin tradition. Eventually, the Sabine women effected a truce and the Sabines accepted Romulus as their king.

I went back to the story of Romulus and Remus, the twins. Romulus established Rome and added to the population by attracting exiles, refugees, murderers, criminals and runaway slaves. The earliest Romans also practiced the act of "marriage by abduction."

Here is a new anagram to add to the bizarreness :


There is something significant with the Island and twins (especially if you consider the duality aspect of twins and the dualities found all over the Island).

A prediction :

I predict that William Mapother will certainly be back in Season 2, but not as Ethan Rom. Ethan had a twin, named Nathan or Herman (both from partial anagrams of Other Man). Remy is also a possibility for the name of Ethan’s twin, based on the similarity to Remus.

Autre chose, mais là je n’ai pas trouvé si ces propos étaient exacts :

Josh Holloway mentioned that the two younger men on the Walt-stealing boat were twins and JJ said that, if you paid attention, the two younger guys are important to season two.

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